Unique Ruler

This extension has lot of unique features. It works based on elements position not on assumption.

Relative Position

It helps to the measure the position of an element relative and absolute to the other elements might be siblings, container or enclosing.

Accurate Measurement

Using this extension you can find margin, padding, spacing, width, height, offset property ensuring high accuracy.

Core Features

Unlike other available tools in market it has lot of unqiue features which ensure highly accuarate measurement of elements. Thus makes it a must have tool to the developers and designers.


Element Inspection

It helps you to measure the width, height, margin, padding by simply selecting or inspecting elements.

Accurate Measurement

Using this tool you can measure the width, height, margin, padding, offset of elements relative to it's parents or siblings.

Element Layer

You can measure each and every elements as layer which might be tiny or large. It's as simple as clicking!.

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What made it a great tool?

This tool comes with powers. we have tried hundreads of other extesions available in market for measuring elements but were not suitable for what developers and designers need.


Some Essential Features

This tool has all the features you need to measure or compare the design whether it's perfectly matched to the standards. Specially, for the web designer it is mandatory to ensure the webpage looks similar to the design as provided by the designers.

  • Far easy to select and inspect the elements
  • Ensures the highest level of accuracy
  • Similar and powerful as Zeplin layer inspection tool.
  • Amazing User Experience
  • Easier accessiblity, simply click and done!

What do users say about it?

“Thank you Rahul. It is a very useful tool. Does one thing and does it right. This extension actually helps you quickly visualize the structure”

Nusil Vakil

“Great features and great interface. Ensures desired accuracy. Much more awesome than other similar tools.”

Air Binder

“This is the best Ruler Extension, I have ever seen. Very much helpful for a developer. Great job ”

Manzur E Mehedi Barno